The country finally opens up - but remember!

The country finally opens up...

But let's not forget to follow the recommendations by the government.

We have taken steps towards helping with that, through the procurement of masking tape for tables, and floor stickers with easy-to-use glue, that's easy to remove, and doesn't cause stains. This, all so that we can enjoy a nice glass of wine, draft of beer, and a good cup coffee at a nice restaurant.

As mentioned before, the floor stickers can be used in the queue in said restaurant, a grocery shop, or public offices - we made it to remind ourselves to keep up the social distance.
Easy to put up, and just as easy to remove.

If you want to hear more, or maybe want a sample sent to you, contact either Henrik Clausen at +45 6040 5180, or Andreas Petersen at +45 6040 5187.

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